Mason Kesner Bio PhotoI didn’t finish college, or even attempt to start for that matter.
I haven’t solved world hunger, or gone to bed on time in a while.
I’m a creative developer, photographer of unknown places, lover of clean lines and late nights. I’ve refused to become content,” just an innovator, [re]branding and [re]creating the world around me.
I would go insane without being around media, and I can’t go a day without singing a different song.

I’m nothing special.
Just a kid with a dream.
to become something greater
to do something greater
to live for something greater

my passion is people.
my work is media.
my hearts desire is to bring change to the world through my craft.

So I’m asking you as a viewer, client, and one day soon – friend – join me on this journey.
Dreaming –
Creating –
Becoming – something bigger and better than we already are.

Let’s be friends.
Better yet, lets change the world together.

_Mason Kesner